Partnering with Shandong Fitness Factory, a full service global leader in innovative fitness equipment OEM and ODM design is the next step in growing your business success.

In today's globalized world a successful fitness business isn't complete without a smart, nimble, innovative manufacturing and distribution strategy. At Shandong Fitness, our award-winning product developers, digital strategists, sales, marketing and logistics team craft innovative products and distribution strategies designed specifically to facilitate the growth of your business.  

From fully customized product designs and concepts, product packaging, digital marketing strategies, ecommerce video content in our in-house studio all the way to our industry leading trade agreements. Our full-time team will partner with you every step of the way to bring your product successfully to market.

Sometimes that involves adding to our extensive content library of images and video for one of our latest innovative products or transforming content for our existing product range to be more relevant to today's online world

Other times it involves overseeing production at one of our state-of-the-art factories.

Our breadth of expertise is wide and we will always work hard to grow this but what we are most concerned with is being the best partner for your business.

Shandong Fitness, innovation in fitness manufacturing and supply chain.

If you are interested in exploring our full service offering, please get in touch today!